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This is how we do (it)

Finding student housing more difficult than expected? Yeah, we have been there. We are happy to help and guide you through the process. We will do the apartment hunting, and make sure it fits all of your needs. We will view the apartment on your behalf, apply for the apartment and do everything up and until your signature on the lease. All you have to do is move your stuff. We will recommend (cheap) furniture stores, and prepare you for Dutch living.


Sign up and let us know you want us to find your dream apartment 


When you like pictures of the apartment, it is time to visit the real thing. You can join us or not, regardless we will send you a video of the place


We will reach out to you and have a chat about what you can expect from us. We will discuss all the costs to prepare you for what is coming next


When you feel happy and comfortable with the apartment, we will start your application. 


We will start the hunting. When we find an apartment, we will contact you and confirm whether this fits your needs


We will check the rental contract to make sure it is all good. Then, there is one thing left to do: sign & collect the keys!