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The Goal

So, you are accepted into university. You will pack your bags and move to a new country. So exciting, yet so scary at the same time. You need to figure out how to study at a university, make new friends, get used to Dutch culture and somewhere in all the chaos try to find an apartment. Then the student housing hunt starts: but it turns out to be more difficult than expected. You are unfamiliar with the area, you are unfamiliar with the (Dutch) apartment hunting process and you are unfamiliar with people in The Hague.


Issues like these inspired us to start The Student Realtor. We support international students with the move to the Netherlands. The Student Realtor is founded by a Dutch citizen, who has (almost) lived her entire life in The Hague. This gives us experience with all the ins and outs of The Hague and with the safe areas to live in. Bottom line: you have enough things to worry about. We want to help you to stress-free start a new chapter in your life.