What The Student Realtor does

In a nutshell: take the stress away and find a place to live for you. Finding an apartment in a different country is hard. You do not know the safe areas in The Hague, you cannot visit the apartment when you are not in The Hague yet, and it costs a lot of time to register for different apartments. Issues like not finding a Dutch guarantor can also complicate things. The Student Realtor wants to support you in this process.


Our services consist of:

  • finding apartments and registering for Open Houses

  • visit Open Houses on your behalf

  • help you apply for the apartment

  • talk to housing agencies on your behalf if you have any questions

What The Student Realtor does

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Apartment hunting with The Student Realtor

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What The Student Realtor costs

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APARTMENT HUNTING with The Student Realtor


Sign up and let us know you want us to find your dream apartment 


We will start the hunting. When we find an apartment, we will contact you and confirm whether this fits your needs


When you feel happy and comfortable with the apartment, we will start your application. 


We will reach out to you and have a chat about what you can expect from us. We will discuss all the costs to prepare you for what is coming next


When you like pictures of the apartment, it is time to visit the real thing. You can join us or not, regardless we will send you a video of the place


We will check the rental contract to make sure it is all good. Then, there is one thing left to do: sign & collect the keys!



For a full consultation, including all the aforementioned services, we charge €350 (incl. 21% VAT).

  • We request a payment of €100 prior to the search, and the additional €250 when we have found you an apartment and it is time to sign the lease. 

  • The Student Realtor works with a waiting list, which means that the moment you register, you will be placed last on the list. You will be notified with your spot on this waiting list and you will be provided with tips in case we cannot help you in time (including emergency interim solutions).  

  • Finding an apartment really depends on the availability of housing at that moment. It can take 2 days, but also a few weeks. Sign up as early as possible so you maximize your chances of getting an apartment on time.

  • Read our refund policy in our terms and conditions

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